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Culture and Tradition of Taplejung >>

Nepalis are highly cultural people – with systematic & organzined calendar for the rituals, ceremonies, festivals. Especially the Taplejung district is famous for its own unique way of celebrating different Jatras or Festivals since the earliest history. The distinct festivals of Taplejung give a new dimension to
Hindu & Buddhist religions.

Nepalis are still deeply religious people – often to the extent of superstitions. A prominent Nepali anthropologist even blames the religious attitude of accepting all difficulties as divine will as the real cause behind Nepal’s underdevelopment. Whatever, Nepalis would like to see their culture respected by the foreigners who visit Nepal.

Marriage between two people is also a ritual affair. Most of the marriages are arranged & conducted during November & December, the harvest time in Nepal. It takes chanting of sacred mantras for whole the day to ritualize the marriage. Still, many foreigners find it romantic to wed in the Nepalese style.

Greetings: People fold both palms in front of their face, and say “Namaskar” or “Namaste” to formally greet others. The juniors by relation, age, or status are supposed to do a “Namaste” first to their seniors, & the seniors respond in the same manner. You also do the “Namaste” while saying bidding goodbye. However, these days the western or international custom of handshaking is getting increasingly popular especially among the younger generation.

Being vegetarian is not a problem as they are also well catered. In the big towns and cities, you can get virtually any kind of food you like in one of many restaurants, though western food is more expensive than local food.

The diversity in everything makes Nepalis are generally tolerant of others’ ways. However, sex is still a taboo subject in all cultures in Nepal. Baring one’s body in the public especially by the women is considered indecent behavior. Similarly, one’s expected to put off the shoes before entering the room. Public display of affection like kissing & hugging is also avoided.

Taplejung Bazar is located on the edge of th e mid-land and is situated on hillock of 1850 meter high from the mean sea level and it takes 5 to 6 days to walk on foot to reach Taplejung from Dharan Bazar located in the eastern Terai region of Nepal. Near Taplejung one can enjoy the beauty of lake called Jimiri. From Taplejung after replenishing the food stuff one can follow Tamur river crossing either banks for many times for days together in 50 kms long walk. After Badanda there is no village before Wolangchung gola. If one is interested with snow glacier he can try to go to last village Yagma i.e. 18 kms. Form there the northern face of Kanchenjunga is seen. From Yagma visitors can come back 18 kms south and reach Ghunsa and then 18 kms which is right at the base of Kanchenjunga. In the trek trekkers can engjoy the nature and it will take approximately one month from pashupati to back to Kathmandu by Plane.

If visitors or trekkers want to go westerly direction then again from Taplejung one can go along the bank of Mewa river and then Dongen village and follow Topkegola (40 kms.) there can see glacial lakes: Tin pokhari and Lam Pokhari. If it is summer one can try to come to Chainpur i.e. 45 kms after walking in wilderness.

Chianpur is beautiful place. After taking rest travelers can walk 12 kms and take the plane to Kathmandu from Tumlingtar. From Tumlingtar also following the western bank and going to Dingla and one can go to Jalang the last village following practically Arun river. On the trail many places will come like Mangtewa, Sedua, Sampung, Hatia, Chepua ect.From Biratnager also one can go via Tribenighat and Bhojpur and Dingle i.e. 75 kms walk and nearly 45 kms drive to Dharan and then Chatra.

If visitor is not interested to go to high altitude then Biratnagar to Dharan and Dhankuta 18 kms, Hile, 3 kms and following along then Arun river partly to Chainpur and then to fly back from the Tumlingtar.

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