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Places to visit in Taplejung District

Taplejung District's Attractions:

1.Pathivara Temple
2.Kanchhanjanja Mountain
3.Fungling Bazzar
4.Timbung pokhari
5.Tammor river (rafting)
6.Kanchanjanja conservation area
7.Green hills

Pathibhara Devi Pathibhara lies in the junction of three VDCs: Tapethok, Limkhim and PhawaKhola VDCs at a 19 kilometeres distance from Taplejung Bazaar (Phungling). The journey to Pathibhara starts from Suketar airport (2840 m) which is about 1.5 hours walk from phungling Bazaar. Pathibhara Devi is about 5-6 hours walk from Suketar.

Suketar is only STOL airstrip in Taplejung district and is connected to Kathmandu and Biratnagar by scheduled flights. From Suketar the Pathivara trial passes through Deurali, Ramitedanda, Chhatedhunga, Bhalugaunda, Phedi and finally reaches Pathibhara Devi temple. The trial offers food and lodging facilities. Basic accomodation facilities are also available for pilgrims near the shrine

Located above 19.4 km east of Phungling, the Devi at Pathibhara is said to have miraculous powers and is said to have answered her devotees' prayers. Story regarding the foundation of the temple has been passed to one generation to another generation. The story says that when shepherds once led their sheeps to the place where the temple lies today, hundreds of sheep disappeared as they were grazing. The distressed shepherds then had a dream in which the Goddess told where she resided and instructed them to carry out ritualistic sacrifices of sheep. When the sacrifice was offered and the temple and the statue was build, the lost sheep were said to have returned. The sheepherders then believed that to Goddess accepted animal sacrifices, which later made her known as Raktakali Pathibhara Devi too.

If visitors or trekkers want to go westerly direction then again from Taplejung one can go along the bank of Mewa river and then Dongen village and follow Topkegola (40 kms.) there can see glacial lakes: Tin pokhari and Lam Pokhari. If it is summer one can try to come to Chainpur i.e. 45 kms after walking in wilderness.

Chianpur is beautiful place. After taking rest travelers can walk 12 kms and take the plane to Kathmandu from Tumlingtar. From Tumlingtar also following the western bank and going to Dingla and one can go to Jalang the last village following practically Arun river. On the trail many places will come like Mangtewa, Sedua, Sampung, Hatia, Chepua ect.From Biratnager also one can go via Tribenighat and Bhojpur and Dingle i.e. 75 kms walk and nearly 45 kms drive to Dharan and then Chatra.

If visitor is not interested to go to high altitude then Biratnagar to Dharan and Dhankuta 18 kms, Hile, 3 kms and following along then Arun river partly to Chainpur and then to fly back from the Tumlingtar.

Goddess of Trust and Faith

Pathibhara Devi is considered as one of the Shakti Peeths. Worshippers from different part of Nepal and India flock the temple during special occasions, as it is believed that a pilgrimage to the temple ensures fulfilment of all that the pilgrim desires. The devotee of the Pathibhara also includes the Royal family of the Nepal. The pilgrims sacrifice animals and bring gold and silver as offerings to the Pathibhara Devi.

The best time to visit is from March to June and September to November.

Major Stops on Pathibhara Cultural Trial

Suketar - Deurali about 2 km
Deurali = Ramitedanda about 1.5 km
Ramitedada - Chatedhunga about 4.5 km
Chatedunga - Bhalugauda about 2.5 km
Bhalugauda = Phedi about 3 km
Phedi - Pathibhara Devi Temple about 2 km

Small Markets in the Trial

Deurali - Tea snacks and small lodges
Bhalugauda - Tea snacks and small lodges
Phedi - Tea snacks and Dharmasalas (moderate lodge for pilgrims)
Pathibhara Devi Temple - Dharmasala

Limbu Culture

The Pathibhara and Limbu Cultural Trial, the main route of the Kanchanjunga trek, provides an experience of the Limbu culture of the Nepalese Himalayas. For visitors other than pilgrims, Limbu Cultural Trek is equally enthralling. A week-long Limbu Cultural Trek, passing through traditional villages like Phurunga(or Phurumbu), Limkhim, Khewang, Tellok, PhawaKhola and Mamankhe can be a visit worth remembering.

Other major attractions

Pilgrims can also visit monasteries situated in Olangchungola and Lungchung. The waterfall at Sawa an dthe pond of Timbung , during autumn and spring are worth visiting every year. The forest ecosystem along the trial offers diversity of wildlife, birds , flowers and butterflies. The whole of Kanchenjunga range can be seen in this trek.

There are two ways to go to Taplejung. one is taking a flight to Suketar. but, it is seasonal. the flights are closed during Mansoon. as the smaller aircrafts with 10/15 capacity make flights, normally packed. the other way of going to Taplejung is by road. the Mechi Highway from Charali on East West highway to Illam-Phidim - Taplejung is metalled only upto Phidim and there onwards is gravel. the Koshi Highway from Dharan- Dhankuta- Basantapur is again metalled only upto Hile. however, Mechi Highway reaches to the district headquarters and if you take Koshi Highway, then have to trek from Basantapur. treking from Basantapur along the beautiful mountains full of varieties of vegetations, flora and fauna is definitely exicting and enjoyable. there are plenty of places on the way for simple lodging and fooding. best seasons to visit taplejung is during autumn and spring.

About Kanchenjungha
The most beautiful areas in eastern Nepal with spectacular landscape, Himalayan peak of heights above 7000 m and a wide range of flora and fauna. Mt. Kanchanjunga
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