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About Taplejung District

Taplejung is one of the most beautiful areas in eastern Nepal with spectacular landscape, Himalayan peak of heights above 7000 m and a wide range of flora and fauna. Mt. Kanchanjunga (8586 m), the world's third largest peak lies in this region. In addition are 14 other peaks higher than 7,000 metres. The prime cultural attraction of Taplejung is the famous Pathibhara Temple, a center of Hindu and Buddhist faith. Pilgrims from different parts of Nepal and even some parts of India, visit to pay worship to Pathibhara Goddess. The continuous ding-dong of bells and fragrance of incense from the Pathibhara Temple conveys message of peace, harmony, tolerance and goodwill.

Region : Eastern (Purwanchal)
: Mechi
District Area: 3,646 sq km (1407.70 sq mi)
District Density:
36.9 sq km (95.70 sq mi)
Time zone:
NPT (UTC+5:45))
Highest Peak:
Mt. Kanchenjunga, 8586m 
1, 34,698 (in 2001) Ethnic groups: Limbus, Tibetan, Sherpas, Rai, Gurung, Magars, Newars, Tamangs, Sunuwar
Literacy: female-30.6%; male-62.4% 
Average temperature-11.30 Celsius, Minimum-0 degree Celsius, Maximum-30 degree Celsius, Average Rainfall-1440 mm
Economic occupations: 64.48% Agriculture. Livestock, cottage industry and trade are other occupations. Less than 5% in service sector.
Major Glaciers: Kanchenjunga, Kumbhakarna and Yalung 
Major River:
Tamor (rafting kayaking fishing) Kabeli(fishing) Ghunsa River(micro hydro electricity)
Accommodations: 67 lodges and 55 camp sites en route to Kanchenjunga and Pathibhara and home stay facilities at Khewang Mamankhe 
one hour by air from Kathmandu, 30mins on air from Biratnagar. 22 hours drive from Birtamod. 18 hrs from Panchthar and trek from Kanchenjunga. Private jeeps can also be arranged. Two days trekking from Basantpur. 
Entrance fee:
To Kanchenjunga Conservation Area: NRs. 1000 (must be bought prior to departure from Kathmandu)

There are several other places to see in Taplejung. One can hardly describe the exuberance and natural elegance of Timbu Pokhari (Pond), which borders the district with neighboring Panchthar. The redolence of blooming Padmachal, a local variety of flowers, is spellbounds trekkers, and stamps an unforgettable memory.

Alpine grassland, rocky out crops, dense temperate, subtropical forests, and no river valleys make up the region. Geographically speakingm, Taplejung occupies an area ranging from 670 meters to 8586 meters (Mt. Kanchanjunga ) above sea level. One of the major attraction that lies in this area is the Pathibhara Devi temple. This secret region attracts tourists seeking spiritual fulfilment and blessings from the powerfull Pathibhara Devi. Hindus as well as the Buddhists reach the temple for celebrations during special occasions. The trek to Pathibhara Devi (3794 m) combined with the natural and cultural experiences of the region make the visit a unique exhilarating experience. Rich with natural beauty, cultural diversity and numerous mountain ranges, Taplejung district holds a significant position among the tourist destinations of Nepal.

There are two ways to go to Taplejung. one is taking a flight to Suketar. but, it is seasonal. the flights are closed during Mansoon. as the smaller aircrafts with 10/15 capacity make flights, normally packed. the other way of going to Taplejung is by road. the Mechi Highway from Charali on East West highway to Illam-Phidim - Taplejung is metalled only upto Phidim and there onwards is gravel. the Koshi Highway from Dharan- Dhankuta- Basantapur is again metalled only upto Hile. however, Mechi Highway reaches to the district headquarters and if you take Koshi Highway, then have to trek from Basantapur. treking from Basantapur along the beautiful mountains full of varieties of vegetations, flora and fauna is definitely exicting and enjoyable. there are plenty of places on the way for simple lodging and fooding. best seasons to visit taplejung is during autumn and spring.

Villages Development Committes (VDC) in Taplejung District
Olangchung Gola


  • Mountaineering & White River Rafting
    This area is specially suited for mountaineering and trekking and these along with pilgrimage tours are the main tourist attractions. Waterfalls, lakes and the Tamur River offer opportunities for white water rafting. The Milke Jajale ridge forms the border between Taplejung and Terathum and this area is known for its biological diversity including the world’s largest natural rhododendron forest with the highest number of rhododendron species for any place in the world.
  • Flora & Fauna
    Juniper and Himalayan Larch can be found in the forests in this area. With more than 1200 species of flowering plants, Taplejung is also rich in wildlife including the snow leopard, red panda, Himalayan musk deer and the Himalayan black bear.
  • Pathibhara Temple
    Pathibhara temple in Tapethoc VDC (19kms from Taplejung) is revered by both Hindus and Buddhists. Pathibhara lies at an altitude of 3794 metres. An animist deity, it is believed that the devotee’s desires will be fulfilled with a sacrifice at the temple. The Pathibhara pilgrimage takes only three to four days with the best time to visit being March to June and September to November. Spectacular Kanchenjunga Range can also be observed.
  • Ancient Gompas
    The richness of the cultural heritage of Taplejung is reflected in the Buddhist gompas such as the 400 year old Diki Chhyoling gompa of Olangchung Gola which houses a life size Avalokiteshwara and has a butter lamp continuously burning since its construction. 12 prayer wheels outside the gompa spin as a small stream flows by.

Getting Around:

  • Trans-boundary Tourism:
    Trans-boundary trekking which provides a completely different experience from the adjoining Sikkim biosphere reserve to the KCA via Chongpa La can be fully explored.
  • Tinjure Milke Jaljale Trail:
    Better known as the Rhododendron trail, the area spreads acroos Taplejung, Terathum and Sankhuwasabha districts. The trail can be visited from Basantpur (Dhankuta) to Kanchenjunga and vice-versa.
  • Limbu Heritage Trail:
    The Limbus are the dominant ethnic group in the lower regions of the conservation area. A new trekking route between Kabeli and Khaksewa offering unique experience of cultural and traditional lifestyle of the Limbus has been developed which offers beautiful panoramic view of the Terai and the Cardamom farm and thick forest lies between Kabeli and Khaksewa. The Limbus still enjoy their ‘Paddy dance’ during various occasions. They also offer accommodation at their homes and you get to discover the true culture of this unique area.

About the area:

The area is made up of alpine grass lands, rocky outcrops, dense temperate and sub-tropical forests, and low river valleys with the Kanchenjunga as its crown and is home to one of the original homelands of the indigenous Limbu people. Most practise integrated early animist religions. Agriculture, animal husbandry and tourism are the major means of livelihood for these people. In the higher altitudes, you can find Sherpa people where they arrived from Tibet more than four hundred years ago. These Sherpas have a distinct culture and tradition from those in Solukhumbu District in the Sagarmatha region. The icons of the cultural heritage are monasteries, chhortens, temples and prayer walls. And to add to the flavour, the festivals of all of these people living in harmony only serve to make the native culture livelier.

Places to visit
There are various and interesting plance to visit in Taplejung district.There are various popular Temples and monumnets to visit.
About Kanchenjungha
The most beautiful areas in eastern Nepal with spectacular landscape, Himalayan peak of heights above 7000 m and a wide range of flora and fauna. Mt. Kanchanjunga
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